HUAWEI Super Charger Wall Charger

Incredibly fast charging for your Huawei USB-C smartphone is now possible thanks to this original HUAWEI Super Charger Wall Charger CP84. This quick charger can deliver up to 40W/4A of power output, so you can be confident that your Huawei will be fully charged and ready to go at all times. You can buy the Huawei supercharge wall charger here.

Tech Specs and Compatible Adapters

If the phone’s battery is in poor condition, HUAWEI Super Charger Wall Charger will automatically adjust the input wall voltage to match the phone’s interior temperature. Wall and vehicle chargers older than the current generation of SuperChargers allow three modes of charging: 5V/2A (up to 22.5W), 4.5V/5A (up to 22.5W), & 5V/4.5A (up to 22.5W).

Up to 40W may be powered at 10V/4A in the most recent version. Because it is USB-PD compliant, Supercharge differs from other proprietary charging protocols such as Pump Express & Dash Charge. When you connect in a different charging adaptor to your phone, Huawei’s Smart Charge protocol dynamically transitions between charging modes.

To use Huawei’s Super Charger technology, it must purchase a corresponding wall adapter; however natural compatibility with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standard ensures that any Super Charger-compatible device may benefit from Quick Charge. Wall adapters for all Super Charger-enabled smartphones are included.

Charging Speed

As of this writing, there is no evidence that HUAWEI Super Charger Wall Charger supports rates of up to 135W, and Huawei handsets are only capable of taking 44W.

Prevent Your Device from Overheating

Your charger and gadget will not overheat since the chip automatically regulates the output power. The HUAWEI Super Charger Wall Charger can distribute heat more uniformly to prevent local overheating thanks to its high-grade fireproof UL94 V-0 casing and potting technique.

Safety Measures

Huawei smartphones include the Smart Charge and HUAWEI SuperCharge Wall Charger features. This one-of-a-kind device can read any charger you’re using and determine its maximum capacity. After that, it may adjust the charger’s voltage to meet the tool’s specific requirements. To regulate the larger currents, producers designed the Super Charger with unique design characteristics. An eight-part cooling system and a liner that can keep smartphones 5 degrees Celsius colder than conventional charging methods are a few components included in this system. Huawei Supercharger devices are rigorously tested. The business plans to conduct year-long testing of their products to see how they do under harsh conditions.

The Future of Fast Charging

Technology is fast changing. Over the next few years, you should expect rapid charging to become the new norm.  It will gradually replace traditional chargers. Phone charge times might be reduced from several hours to just a few minutes shortly, thanks to advancements in integrated circuits, charge controllers, adapters, and cables. Because of its claims to improve mobility and speed charging, early-generation fast chargers have lately become popular. Fast charging is just going to become better and better as the technology improves and becomes more widely available. Huawei claims its Hyper Charger tech can charge a 4,000mAh battery in 8 minutes. But we’ll learn more about new standards once they are entirely developed and arrive in the market.


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