Anyone with a pressure washer will find it hard to imagine life without one. Pressure washing is important for the home; it helps get rid of mold, mildew, and dirt. There are two types of pressure washers; gas and electric. Moreover, regardless of the source of power, pressure washers work under the same principle, where a pump pressurizes the water, after which the water is released through a narrow nozzle. Below are some tips for getting the best results when using the pressure washer machine.

Distance matters

The distance between the nozzle and the surface being cleaned matters. When the nozzle is close to the surface, even lower focus nozzles like the 40o nozzle can focus streams powerful enough to damage the surface. Great pressure washing requires a careful combination of distance, nozzle attachment, and the cleaning surface.

When to use detergents and when to use soap

Soaps and detergents are the two cleaning solutions used in pressure washing. Soaps are made from natural sources such as fats and oils, while detergents are washing chemicals that are tough on some stubborn stains. Not all surfaces are suitable for the use of soap. Unlike soap, detergents can be used with hard water and are suitable for cleaning calcium carbonate residue.

Detergents should not be added to the pump

Soaps and some chemical cleaners can be added to the pump. However, when added directly to the pump, strong detergents can cause damage. These should be added through a soap injector at the nozzle, which lets water flow through and brings the detergent to the surface.

Choosing the best pressure washer:

The Grandfall Pressure Washer

The Grandfall pressure washer, sold by Giraffe Tools, is one of the best domestic pressure washers in the market. The machine is electric-meaning that its pump is powered by an electric motor. The Grandfall is budget-friendly and can generate pressures of up to 2200 PSI; hence, the pressure washer can help comfortably cater to all pressure washing needs of the home. Besides its high pressure and robust designs, these are some of the features that make the Grand fall worth the penny.

High pressure

The Grandfall Pressure Washer can pressurize water to 2200 PSI, 1.3GPM water flow, meaning that the machine can generate sufficient pressure to clean some of the most stubborn stains found in homes, including graffiti.

Retractable system

The Grandfall Pressure Washer comes fitted with a retractable system that is gently winded to retract its 100-foot long hose. The retractable system prevents the hose from kinking.

Other features

The 100-foot hose in the Grandfall Pressure Washer can be used at any length due to the product’s smart lock mechanism, meaning that one does not have to unwind the entire hose to use it. What’s more, the pressure washer comes fitted with aluminum handles that are adjustable to the user’s height. The pressure washer also has wheels for easier movement, built-in storage compartments for storing the power chord, and smaller accessories such as the different nozzle heads. Nevertheless, for anyone looking to get the best out of a pressure washer, the first step is to buy the right pressure washer, and the Grandfall Pressure Washer is not only good but has several convenience features that make it worth the money


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