There is no set of toys that can make children happier than the lego naruto sets. Children increase their ability to create and sustain an imaginary world while improving their growing to complete tasks when playing with Lego sets.

These are the kind of toys that bring children and parents together, which makes them connect well as children develop their creativity. Lego has designed its toys for different age groups to encourage creativity and make them more fun.

Here we will look at the best Lego sets for 7-year-olds across different themes that your kids will love.

1. LEGO city fire station 60215

This LEGO set is perfect for both boys and girls who want to create their own adventure. The playset has 4 Minifigure consisting of a chief, a dog, and firefighters, allowing your kids to protect citizens and become superheroes as they use a stud-shooting fire hose to put out fires.

Your kids can build a 3-level fire station complete with a scout tower, a toy truck with sound and light building bricks, and a toy garage to create any rescue mission.

It’s a perfect playset for kids to bring their stories to life, magnify their imagination and stimulate their problem-solving skills.

2. LEGO city hospital

This playset is very detailed with some nice features like a helicopter, an ambulance, and a multi-room building featuring a maternity ward, an MRI scanning room with a sliding bed, reception, a children’s playroom, a helipad, and a toilet.

LEGO city hospital set comes with 12 Minifigures and other great accessories, including a wheelchair, stretcher, a cast, and a syringe.

For soon-to-be doctors, your kids will surely love creating imaginary hospital emergencies while attending to their patients.

3. LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle 60226 Space Shuttle Toy Building Kit

This NASA-inspired playset allows your kids to use their imagination to explore space using imaginative action possibilities. It has great features and is an excellent gift for your boy as it will ignite his creativity. A Minifigure cockpit will let your kid imagine he’s the shuttle’s pilot, retrieve Geodes, and then lift them into the rocket drone using grappling arms.

Another great feature is a storage drone with compartments, a heli drone with a scanner, a spinning rotor blade, and two opening cargo doors.

4. LEGO Marvel Iron Man Armoury

This is a must-have for a kid who is an iron man fan. It is an original model of the room where Tony Stark puts his tech suits. The room has holographic details on each door, workshop props, changing platform, and many accessories like robotic arms, tech tools, and a coffee mug. Also, there are 3 iron man suits, a sports car, a gun that fires a little disc, and 5 Minifigures, including Tony Stark, Nick Fury, Pepper Pot, Whiplash, and War Machine.


LEGO playsets are not only toys for kids to pass the time with but also great for enhancing their creativity, problem-solving skills, storytelling, and imagination. Apart from these amazing 4 playsets, other LEGO sets are equally awesome. Hurry and grab one or more for your kids before other parents clear them from the shelves.


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