A small computerized device that is embedded into a larger system or machine is called an embedded system. These smaller computer systems are used for specific functions. According to the requirements of industries, these embedded pc systems are made in compact designs. The single board computer can be available in a wide range of capacities and used in so many industries, following are some of its applications.

  • Automotive
  • Used in cameras
  • Smart city
  • Industrial machines
  • Medical equipment
  • Toys
  • Airplanes
  • Household appliances
  • And vending machines

These computers have self-contained circuits. They are made unique and specific for industrial and medical applications. Single board computers are basically a combination of peripheral devices, a processor, and memory. These computers work efficiently in harsh environmental conditions. For instance, they are used in vehicles, rail, and marine. Most importantly these single circuit computers are used in control rooms for monitoring and controlling as well as for assistance in the operations of machinery and equipment.

Working principle of embedded systems

Embedded systems require software and input-output controls for working. Embedded systems work by including the rugged motherboard into the industrial closure. In this way, the software, input-output controls, and the rugged motherboard fulfill functions in embedded environments.  The main and only computing part in these systems is the embedded motherboard. It is also known as the heart of embedded boards. All of the additional equipment is connected to this part like input-output lines, analog and digital signals, and communication ports.

An embodied OS is required on these systems along with software. The software applications work in optimizing the system for functioning properly.

Design of embedded systems

The normal computers in our offices, schools, and homes are designed according to the daily life needs. But in the case of embedded PC systems, these are built to face harsh weather conditions as they have to be used in different environments. These computers are made in such a way that they can face a wide range of temperatures. If you have ever visited an industry then you would be amazed to know that these single-board computer systems are fixed with high-temperature boilers, motors, and turbines. As in industries conditions cannot be same like in our offices and house. Temperature can be variable, and some machinery can make extreme vibrations. One of the reasons for making these computers socket free is that sockets can be loosened because of vibrations. Enclosures can be of aluminum steel or in some cases glass. It depends on the engineer or designer who is installing these computers in the machinery or appliance. Although cooling fans are used for cooling these systems as these systems run 24/7 in industries, sometimes cooling pipes are used in some places where heat dissipation is high.

Some examples of embedded PC systems

The overall system looks like a rugged black box instead of looking like a standard desktop or tower pc. Some examples of embedded systems are mobile phone forensic analysis, crane-mounted video and communication safety, police car-mounted automatic number plate reader (ANPR), digital video recorder (DVR), ruggedized vehicle navigational units, and transportable control centers.


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