If your laptop battery is reduced or is damaged because of any reason and now you want to buy a new battery for it then this article is for you. If you are looking for a good-capacity battery that lasts longer then, the 916814-855 battery can be the best available option for you. These batteries are compatible with a huge range of HP laptops.

These batteries fall in the category of Li_Ion batteries. They have good capacity and last longer than lower-quality batteries. You can easily install them on your own. For more information read the given article.

Key Features Of HP 916814-855 Genuine Battery

Following are some main key features of a genuine 916814-855 battery:

  • The genuine 916814-855 battery is made of high-quality lithium-ion cells. This can assure that the battery will last longer.
  • The battery should be compatible with the original battery specifications and is up to full standard.
  • The battery should be certified by ROHS, CE, UL, and ISO 9001/9002 so the product is safe to use.
  • To ensure stable input of current and durability the battery components including a fixed insulator and interface metal are made of good material.

Basic Steps To Maintain A HP 916814-855 Battery

For your guidance a step-by-step guide is provided here that is involved in the basic maintenance of the hp 916814-855 battery:

Step 1. Activation of Battery

The first step that is involved in the maintenance of an HP battery is its activation and if it is done properly then the battery can have a longer shelf life. When a brand new notebook leaves the factory then it is a 3% charge but if you have purchased a notebook that is fully charged this means.

That it has been used by another person so do not connect it directly to the external power supply. Use the battery until it is turned off then connect it to the power supply. Repeat this 3 times to activate a 916814-855 battery

Step 2. Reduce the Number of Charges

Try to reduce the number of recharges of your battery. Every time plug in the external power supply it is counted as charging the battery and the more charging the battery means you are reducing your laptop battery life.

Step 3. Don’t Let Your Battery Fully Run Out

When you are charging the laptop battery then do not wait for the battery to run out completely before the next recharging. This is because when the battery is less than 20% then it is exhausted and recharging it at that time can be harmful to it.

Step 4. Preventive Measures

There are some things that you need to avoid such as the use of 3D programs and games as they take a lot of battery charging. Also, avoid moisture, sunlight, and high temperature as they can badly affect the battery life.

Ending Remarks

A 916814-855 battery for your hp laptop can be a good option. They are high quality and have a longer life. There are some important things that you need to remember while using these batteries as described in the above article.


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